Chris is a marine scientist with expertise in science communication, technology and public engagement. 

His research interest is in the areas of whale ecology and climate science, particularly in using crowdsource technologies, GIS and citizen science to communicate science for decision-making. He has co-authored publications on cetacean ecology, habitat modelling and acoustics. From 2000-2005, he worked with biologist Dr Roger Payne as part of the global, multi-year expedition, the Voyage of the Odyssey, studying sperm whales and ocean pollution while producing the award-winning online series for PBS Television in the field.

Chris has a long background in science communication and technology working with a variety of international media outlets, nonprofit and government organizations producing award-winning products for National Geographic, NOAA, American Museum of Natural History, CSIRO, Oxfam, Ocean Foundation, WWF, BBC and PBS Television.

Chris is currently a PhD candidate at Curtin University at the Centre of Marine Science and Technology in Western Australia studying with Christine Erbe and Rob McCauley. His research is focused on sperm whale bioacoustics and distribution in the Indian Ocean and Australia. He has a MSc in Environmental Science at Murdoch University (2013).

Chris currently works with WWF-Australia based in Melbourne as the Ocean Science Manager leading conservation in Antarctica and the Southern Ocean. You can follow him on Twitter @earthocean, Instagram and on Linkedin.

Chris filming southern right whales on location in Argentina.