Launching of the Vaquita project

In October 2008, we travel to San Felipe, Mexico to follow an international scientific expedition to document the last remaining vaquita - the most endangered, and the smallest of all cetaceans. This fall marks the beginning of an all out, last-ditch effort to save the next marine mammal in line for extinction, the vaquita porpoise. With only 150 animals remaining, time is critical, but there is still a tiny glimmer of hope if something can be done now to prevent them drowning in fishing nets!

Follow the collaborative efforts of scientists, government officials, conservationists and the local fishermen who rely on the sea, as a plan to save the vaquita is implemented. The highest priority, and the only solution is to buy out all entangling nets. But can the plan work in time, and what will it mean for local communities?

This multimedia project will feature reports from the field in Mexico, freely accessible online short videos, images and interviews, culminating in the production of an educational documentary film – Vaquita the Desert Porpoise. You will be taken on a journey, exploring multiple perspectives from a range of people, all the while considering the finite implications of extinction.

If this little porpoise goes extinct, few will notice the passing of an obscure species from an out-of-the way corner of the globe that most of us have never heard of, let alone seen. For others, however, the loss of any biological diversity on our planet is of grievous concern, particularly when what is lost is another relatively large, warm-blooded creature like the vaquita.

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