Planet in Focus - An Introduction

Genevieve Johnson takes you around the world to understand issues that are important to people and local communities. A former high school environmental education teacher in her native Australia, Genevieve feels a responsibility to make a difference, by utilizing her passion, expertise and education experience around the globe to raise awareness about the environment, while promoting ways to minimize our impact upon it.

She is currently finishing a Master of Education degree at Murdoch University in Perth, Australia. She sailed around the world as Education Director on the Voyage of the Odyssey, a 5.5 year global scientific and education expedition, studying whales and ocean pollution led by biologist Dr. Roger Payne.

Genevieve is an experienced public speaker, has featured in numerous television and print media articles, and has written over 500 environmental stories for the award winning PBS website - "Voyage of the Odyssey" Genevieve often works with scientists, conservation groups, and educators when creating education content, and writes environmental documentary films for