Mediterranean Bottlenose Review

The first comprehensive review on the ecology and conservation of Mediterranean bottlenose dolphins will be soon published. The authors, Giovanni Bearzi (Tethys President), Caterina M. Fortuna and Randal R. Reeves merged their collective expertise to summarize and critically review information about the Mediterranean population for the scientific journal ‘Mammal Review’.

Topics considered in this paper include distribution, population structure and trends, ecology and behaviour, impact on fisheries, past culling campaigns, present threats, and conservation framework. The manuscript is based on an extensive analysis of peer-reviewed scientific literature.

This is going to be the third major review of Mediterranean cetaceans published by Tethys in this same journal. Previous reviews featured the short-beaked common dolphin (Bearzi et al. 2003) and the fin whale (Notarbartolo et al. 2003).